The Making of “Beyond Augustine”

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Some friends and I have recently started a new project for the summer which is particularly exciting to us. It is a Theological / Church History documentary relating to the topic of free will. The film is very interesting and educational and will no doubt cause a little bit of controversy as well, but we believe that the content is very important and needs to be presented to the general public.
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The script is a little over 20 pages but much of the content consists of quotations. The script is divided into three sections. During our first night of shooting we filmed all of section one, which was the largest section of the script. During our next shoot we hope to film all of section two and three together.
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The location for the film is a run down building that we found in town. It has some very good looking backgrounds which we will be using for the film. We decided to film at night time which gives us the ability to use our own lighting, so that the lighting is consistent throughout the entire filming time, and because it has a pretty cool effect. We also have some nice camera lenses and will be using some great camera angles for the film.
– Jesse Morrell (Writer & Narrator)

23 Responses to “The Making of “Beyond Augustine””

  1. That’s great Br. Jesse! I look forward to seeing the project completed. God bless you guys and your endeavors for the Lord’s glory.

    Your friend in Christ,

  2. Rev Rob Saintlace Says:

    Jesse, in the end …. what will this teach people? Is it more for the believers or the nonbelievers? Thank you.

    Pastor Rob

    • The film is for believers. It looks “beyond Augustine” in the free will debate, to show the views of the Gnostic’s and the Early Christians. Then in light of that information, the views of Augustine and the reformers are examined. – Jesse Morrell

  3. Quy Luong Says:

    Jesse, will the documentary link current Calvinist teachings back to the gnostics?

  4. Andreas Lerch Says:

    Great idea, Jesse – superimportant topic. I hope you will begin were it really started, with Augustine’s reply to Simplician of 397, were he first laid out his heresy, and will not say – as do many – that it were Pelagius’ teachings which drove Augustine to the opposite extreme in the 410s. But anyway, I’m looking foreward to see this documentary! I see you found a “Gothic” setting fitting for the dark hour of world history you are commenting on…

    God bless you and your team,

  5. emanuel Says:

    Send me a copy when it’s finished…then I can give you a fair comment on it…thanks

  6. Robert M. Odell Says:

    Hi Jesse. Very exciting work! May Jesus’ Spirit guide you. I am wondering if you will cover the topic of deliverance from various forms of bondage given that (a) we have free will, and (b) Jesus empowers us to live right through the power of His Spirit.

  7. Sounds very interesting and looking forward to watching it. Freewill is the greatest debate in Cartersville, GA. May God bless to bring more into a closer walk with Him.

  8. William E. Beers Says:

    Fabulous idea. I have been interjecting in my Young Men’s Theology class how Augustine confused the moral with the metaphysical (as did some of the Gnostics) which set most of the western church on the wrong trajectory ever since. The Calvinists of our day still repeat this critical error in their thinking. Very much look forward to its completion.

  9. Steve Ryan Says:

    What a great project, God bless you in this endeavor. I will anxiously await it’s completion.

  10. I am interested to see the content and the way it is presented Jesse!


  11. Roger Curtis Says:

    Let me know when copies are available. I work here in the Philippines as a missionary and can use a copy for teaching. thanks, Roger Curtis

  12. Every blessing in your project. Please keep me informed.

    KInd regards

  13. I look forward to seeing this important work.

  14. We just finished filming section two of the documentary and will be updating the blog with new pictures and comments soon…

  15. Jonathan Says:

    This looks very intriguing, and it is definitely an important topic as the amount of false doctrine out in the world today is overwhelming. I am anxious to see this film, as I already know I will like it.

    Lord Bless

  16. Brother, looking forward to this blessed calling the Lord has put upon your heart. In my experience, this topic has divided other brothers. Bitterness crept in and the spirit of the gospel was lost. I’ll keep in prayer truth and wisdom for all who view. May the Lord be with you brother.

  17. Samantha Whitney Says:

    I will certainly be praying for you and praising God for all He will do through you,

    Love in Christ

  18. This looks like a great project! I am getting very excited just reading the comments, and progress reports. I believe that EVERYTHING that originated from Augustine is false. Obviously there are some things that Augustine seemed to believe in, that are true. Like the Trinity for instance. But those doctrines did not originate from Augustine. Everything that he started was false. I would say the same thing about John Calvin. Jesus said that a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. They cannot originate good doctrine, it is impossible for them, because of their wicked heart. Of course that doesn’t nullify free will. Anyone with a wicked heart can choose to be cleansed, and have a holy heart instead. Someone with a wicked heart will only come up with wicked doctrine, because a house is not divided against itself. Therefore, EVERY doctrine that Augustine originated is false.

  19. calvin Burrows Says:

    I will be praying for you guys and your endever to share the truth with the public.

  20. When will this be released? The suspense is terrible!

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