About The Documentary

beyond augustine jesse morrell

“Beyond Augustine” is a theological / church history documentary which explores the free will controversy in light of the views of the Early Church and the Gnostic’s and how that relates to Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. Were Augustine’s views on human nature in accordance with the views of the Early Christians? Was the Reformation a return to the views of the Early Church? These and other similar questions are explored in this film.


2 Responses to “About The Documentary”

  1. Gentlemen –

    I’m so excited about what you are doing! I’m ready! Keep me posted and online for all the updates.


  2. This is the information we need in this age of apostasy. Those who have a desire to know the truth and what was taught from the beginning need this vital information so they can contrast it to what is popularly accepted as “Christianity”. Praise the Lord Jesus for giving you the vision to do this important work, and thank you for your diligent work! May it be eternally rewarded and bear much fruit around the world!

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