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The Making of “Beyond Augustine”

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Some friends and I have recently started a new project for the summer which is particularly exciting to us. It is a Theological / Church History documentary relating to the topic of free will. The film is very interesting and educational and will no doubt cause a little bit of controversy as well, but we believe that the content is very important and needs to be presented to the general public.
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The script is a little over 20 pages but much of the content consists of quotations. The script is divided into three sections. During our first night of shooting we filmed all of section one, which was the largest section of the script. During our next shoot we hope to film all of section two and three together.
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The location for the film is a run down building that we found in town. It has some very good looking backgrounds which we will be using for the film. We decided to film at night time which gives us the ability to use our own lighting, so that the lighting is consistent throughout the entire filming time, and because it has a pretty cool effect. We also have some nice camera lenses and will be using some great camera angles for the film.
– Jesse Morrell (Writer & Narrator)